November Competition Winner and Runners Up!

Congratulations to William Kelly from John McGlashan College (NZ) who is this month’s winner!

The runners up are:

Brendan Looi, Wellington College Regan Hutchinson, Daramalan College Yilei Yang, Hillcrest High School Erin Tandy, Kapiti College

If you’re a winner or runner up please log onto Go Vocab in order to claim your prize!

There are no competitions in December or January, but we’ll be starting again in February.

1st December 2013 -


October Competition Winner and Runners Up!

Congratulations to Alexander Hann from Wellington College who is this month’s winner! 

The runners up are:

Marton Brody Popp - Wellington College
Jack Nicholls - John McGlashan College
Kirsten Power - Napier Girls’ High School
Glenn McConnell - Wellington College

If you’re a winner or runner up please log onto Go Vocab in order to claim your prize! 

The November Competition is now underway so start earning those points to go into the draw to win an iPad mini :)

Good luck!

2nd November 2013 -


Match gets a redesign

We’ve been hard at work revamping the Match activity and it’s finally ready! Firstly, we gave it a fun redesign featuring exploding birds. Who doesn’t love exploding birds? Then we also took on board student feedback about the dragging and dropping being a pain. Now it works like the iPhone/Android Match activities, just click on your first choice, then click on the word you want to match to.

Play the new Match here. And let us know what you think!

5th October 2013 -


Results for the September Competition!

A big congratulations to James Lawson from Daramalan College who has won a brand new iPad mini and various other prizes!

The runners up are:

Hamish Maunsell - John McGlashan College
Stephen Szakats - Wellington College
Lauren Datson - Daramalan College
Casey Vernon - Daramalan College

Also well done to Daramalan College for taking away so many prizes this month :)

If you’re a winner or a runner up remember to log into Go Vocab in order to claim your prize!

The October Competition is now in full swing so better start collecting those points to go in the draw to win an iPad mini!

Good luck, and more importantly have fun :)

2nd October 2013 -


Buy a Go Vocab T-shirt!

In our competitions we give away T-shirts, Badges and Stickers. Not everyone can be a winner though. People keep requesting that we sell these t-shirts, so here goes…

You can now share your language with a Go Vocab Tee, Badge or Sticker. These are conversation starters for sure. If you’re walking down the street wearing one you’re bound to make friends with fellow language speakers.

Check out the Go Vocab Store

2nd October 2013 -


Case Study: Wellington College

Wellington College was the very first school to use start using Go Vocab back in 2011 (also, Go Vocab Co-founder Michael attended Wellington College!). We asked Mark Bradley about how he uses Go Vocab in the Maori Department, here’s what he had to say.

Tell us a little bit about your school

Wellington College Māori Department, you know where we are! 100 students at all levels (an increase of over 50% in 5 years!).

How has Go Vocab changed the way you teach vocabulary?

Go Vocab is an integral part of my homework programme. I have also set up revision classes (although this year the uptake hasn’t been huge), so that strugglers or new students at a more advanced level can review vocabulary from previous levels more easily (and be monitored for it separately).

Continue reading…

27th September 2013 -


Go Vocab is now in the Edmodo App Store

We’ve added Go Vocab to the Edmodo App Store. If you’re using Edmodo and Go Vocab then you should use the version in the App Store as it provides tighter integration: never worry about students being unable to log in again!

If you’re not using Go Vocab but are using Edmodo then now’s the best time to get on board.

Check out Go Vocab in the Edmodo App Store

12th September 2013 -


New Quiz: Chopsticks

We’ve added a new quiz to Go Vocab for Japanese students only. It’s called Chopsticks and it’s all about Hiragana and Katakana.


In Chopsticks you listen to either Hiragana or Katakana being read aloud and then race against the computer to pick the correct answer (with your chopsticks of course).

Let us know what you think, and those of you learning languages other than Japanese… don’t worry we’ve got plenty more new things in the works.

10th September 2013 -


Winner and Runners Up of the August Competition!

The winner and runners up for the August Competition have just been drawn, and a huge congratulations to Amy Dwyer from Daramalan College in Australia, our winner for this month!

The runners up are:

Annie Grant - St Peters Lutheran College
Jessica Sewell - Napier Girls’ High School
Cheyanne Faamauri - Napier Girls’ High School
Erin Tandy - Kapiti College

Remember to log into Go Vocab to claim your prize if you’re a winner or a runner up :)

Didn’t manage to snag yourself an iPad this month? Don’t worry! The September Competition is already underway, earn over 2000 points and you’re automatically in the draw to win an iPad mini! :)

Buena suerte!

2nd September 2013 -


Android App

The Go Vocab Android App is now available in the Android Market. This is just a first version, we’ll use your feedback to keep improving. The app is free of course, you just need to log in with your Go Vocab account.

23rd August 2013 -


Go Vocab for Mac


Jackson Lacy, a Go Vocab user has made a Go Vocab App for Mac. Thanks Jackson!

If you always have tons of tabs open and can never find Go Vocab then this App is for you. The app includes access to all parts of the Go Vocab website and shows up in the dock with it’s own icon.

Download the App from Jackson’s website

7th August 2013 -


July Competition Results!

Congrats to Jacques Elias from Ivanhoe Grammar School in Australia, who is the winner of the Go Vocab July Competition! 

The four runners up are:

Katelyn Manning - Napier Girls’ High School
James Yu - Wellington College

Jade Forster - Napier Girls’ High School
Dana Healy - Suncoast Christian College

If you’re a winner or a runner up please remember to log onto Go Vocab in order to claim your prize :)

We’re a bit late in making this blog post, so we’re now 5 days into the August Competition, so it’s time to get cracking on earning those points! 

Good luck!!

6th August 2013 -


Android Sneak Peek!

Ever since we released the first iPhone app, we have received many requests for a Go Vocab app for Android, and just over a month ago Diego started work on creating a Go Vocab app for Android.

The app is now almost ready, we’re just putting the finishing touches on it and it should be ready for release within a couple of weeks!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come!

29th July 2013 -


New Feature: Pausing Quizzes

We’ve added a new feature to Go Vocab - you can now pause quizzes!

If you need a bit of a respite while completing a quiz, just click on the question mark at the top right hand corner, and your quiz will instantly be paused.

This pause feature works for all of the games - however, in order to be able to pause Ships you need to be playing against the computer. The pause feature will not work if you are playing against another player.

26th July 2013 -


Improved Facebook Sharing


We have made some improvements to what you can share on Facebook!

Previously, students could only share trophies, but now students are able to share any of the following:

- Earning trophies

- Any of your activity feed stories, such as reaching a new level or learning some new words

23rd July 2013 -

Go Vocab

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